It’s been a rough couple of weeks. For an explanation, read this post by Kelly. But even when things are not so great, our girls always bring a smile to our faces.

Front to Back.

Ella decided she likes to change her perspective every once in a while. She also seems to really enjoy buzzers.

Meet Ella

So I must tell you this is nothing close to what we’ve witnessed of Ella’s “talking” at home with the video camera off. But it’s the best we’ve gotten. Meet our happy little girl.

Lu Plays and Sings

I was tending to Ella when all of the sudden I hear singing AND playing coming from the living room. I rushed to grab the camera and caught the tail end (along with a little more sweetness).

You’ve seen pictures – here’s the live action. Lucy…baking.

…you just need to click play.

Videos Galore!

So, I know my blog has just become one big Lucy video, but I can’t think of anything that I have to say that would be better content!

The first is the longest.  And the funniest.  This says more about her little personality than I could possibly tell you in any description.

We’ve shown you pictures of one of Lucy’s favorite places in the kitchen.  Enjoy the animated version.

This one introduces you to Lu’s infectious laughter.  Please, no comments on the method used to induce said laughter.  Thanks.

And finally, the video you’ve all been waiting for!